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Which movies should be revived in 2022?

Here's our top 4 requests we NEED Hollywood to address.

I think we can all agree there is nothing more exciting than seeing something you used to love making a grand return . . . I mean, you are reading this on a Blockbuster-themed website. To celebrate both the Matrix and Blockbusters NQ going through a resurrection at the same time, we asked our staff which films they want Hollywood to revive next.

#1 - Austin Powers - YEAH BABY

James Bond is double 0 boring- Austin Powers has the energy we need. There's nothing like a good parody of entire genre like this. This film series set in the 70s and y'all know we love a good hit of nostalgia. So PLEASE BRING IT BACK, we need a good laugh after the year we've had.

#2 - The Mask - would be smokin'

Our love for this film is like a red, red rose... and we're a little thorny it's been 26 years since the last one. Nothing could ever replace The Mask in our big beating hearts, so a return to silver screen is very much needed.

#3 The Terminator - should be back

As we get closer to a world being taken over by algorithms from mega corps such as N*tflix; we think it's the perfect time to see a return of the ultimate robot. Though I think this was suggested just to see Schwarzenegger shirtless again.

#4 Inside out -would hit us right in the feels

Normally, we don't admit to anything that came out after 2013 as good, but we have a little voice in our head telling us it's okay to admit that here. This film really was something new and fantastic and we'd love to see another one.

Suggest your top revival suggestions with any plot points you think it should have - we'll pick our favourites and give you a £50 voucher for next time you're in! (Competition ends January 13th 2022)

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